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Are you a Perpetual Member?

You can be. Pay just 21 times the amount of your Lodge dues and you will never have to pay dues again, ever! In addition, your Lodge will continue to received your annual dues forever, even after your death. There is no better gift that you could leave to your Lodge than this gift that will ensure income from your dues for all time. The only exceptions would be:

If you transfer your membership to another Georgia Lodge, your Perpetual Membership moves with you. Should you affiliate with a Lodge outside of Georgia, your Perpetual Membership stays with that Georgia Lodge. Should you decide to move back to Georgia and affiliate with a Georgia Lodge, your Membership will move to your new Georgia Lodge.

This also benefits the Grand Lodge of Georgia in that the current per capita fees in effect at the time that you become a perpetual member will continue to go to the operation of your Grand Lodge.

Donít have the cash right now?

No problem! Simply pay $200 down and the balance can be paid anyway you like over a three (3) year period subject to (1) it must be paid within the three-year period and (2) an annual payment is required. Until it is paid in full, you must continue to pay your annual dues to your Lodge. However, while your approved payment plan is in effect, your perpetual membership will not be subject to any increases in dues from your Lodge or increases in per capita fees by the Grand Lodge

How do I get started?

Fill out the application, attach your check and turn it in to the Secretary of your Lodge. He will complete the form and send it to the Grand Secretary. Within a short time, you will be receiving a nice certificate and more importantly, each year, every year, your Lodge will receive a check from the perpetual trust, from now on, forever.

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